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It’s time to live bolder.
To dare to dream.
Be whoever you want.
Do whatever you want. Any time, any place.
In life, nothing should ever hold you back.
Not fear of failure.
Not a lack of confidence.
And definitely not your period.
Everything we do, every product we make, is designed to support you and give you all the confidence you need.
So go ahead.
Start living fearlessly.

Race to Fearless: Team SCA the
all-female team

There are many ways to live fearless.

But taking part in the Volvo Ocean Race is right up there. Follow Team SCA’s crew as they take on one of the most dangerous challenges in the world.

Times have changed with Bodyform

It’s hard to believe that only 50 years ago, women were actively encouraged to avoid normal everyday activities and stay close to home when they were on their period.

Today, you can do whatever you want and with our products, you will feel protected and comfortable whatever you end up doing. So get out there and live fearless.


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