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A spot on the sofa

An embarrassing stain
It’s not a lot of fun discovering a bright red stain on a sofa, just where you’ve been sitting. If you’ve got a good towel, you don’t need to worry - it’s very rare for this to happen. But IF it does happen, it’s best to say so immediately. If you’re at a friend’s place, tell him or her. Then your friend will have to tell their parents, if you can’t get the stain off by yourselves. Most stains can be washed off if you deal with them at once. Rub the stain with some cold water and a little liquid detergent. A lot of sofas have removable covers that can be washed or dry-cleaned, and cleaning a single cover isn’t that expensive. Offer to fix it – the person who owns the sofa will probably say no anyway. If you’re really unlucky, the sofa is pure white, doesn’t have detachable covers, and the stain refuses to budge, suggest turning the sofa cushion over. That works for most sofas. Hiding the spot under a cushion and pretending nothing happened is a bad idea. Mainly because you are never going to want to go near that house ever again

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