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On the beach

If you’re on the beach and intend to go swimming, it’s a good idea to use a tampon, but remember to change the tampon as soon as you’ve finished swimming. If there’s a cafe there, they usually have a toilet there or nearby, but if not, you’ll have to manage some other way. Make sure you take a big towel with you to the beach. Wrap it round your hips.

Tell your friends that you’re going for a walk or to look for a cafe. Then look for a sand dune where you can’t be seen and change your tampon quickly. You can do the same thing if you’re on the beach but not swimming, and you’re wearing a towel. If there are no sand dunes to hide behind, a beach brolly works just as well. Place it like a screen in the sand and crouch down behind it. Or build a giant sandcastle and hide behind that . . .

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