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Sleeping over safely

Obviously you won’t want to get blood on someone else’s sheets, or to lay there worrying about that happening. With a good night towel, you can relax – the risk of it leaking is extremely small. But if you want to feel doubly sure, it might be a good idea when you’re ‘on’ to take a few things with you if you sleep over at someone’s place. The most important thing to remember to take with you is, of course, a longer night-time towel, such as, Bodyform Ultra Goodnight. And remember to take some towels for the next day too. After all, it’s not much fun waking up happy that you haven’t had an accident in the night and then discovering that you don’t have any spare towels with you.
So what sort of extra things should you take? If you have pyjama trousers, take them. That’ll give you an extra layer of cloth between your period and the sheet, reducing the risk of you bleeding right through. You can also take a hand towel and put it between you and the sheet, as an extra layer. Take a scruffy, faded one. If you don’t have any pyjamas, or want to feel even safer still, sleep with two pairs of panties on. Chose a wider version to wear on the outside and the fact that you’re wearing two pairs won’t show if you’re sharing a room with someone.

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