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Period Calendar

Welcome to the period calendar, or as we like to call it, My Bodyform Calendar. This application will help you keep track of, and manage your period and loads more. It'll give you heads up notifications of stuff like PMS, ovulation and your period - allowing you to plan ahead or perhaps get an explanation for why your mood is weird all of a sudden. It even let’s you keep track of parties, gigs, dates, well anything worth keeping track of!

Set up your own period Calendar in no time - it's free and super easy!

  • 1

    Log in!

    All we're asking for is a username and password so the Calendar knows who you are and can remember you the next time you visit!

  • 2

    Enter your two last cycles

    The Calendar will automatically calculate your next cycle. You can edit your cycle at anytime to keep your calendar as accurate as a marksman’s.

  • 3

    Get reminders by e-mail.

    Decide when you want to be given a heads up, and the Calendar will make sure you’re never caught off guard.



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