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Let’s face it: we’re pretty strong and awesome. Just look at how much life throws at us and yet we keep on going. Periods are another one of those little things. We’re bleeding for a week of every month, but we just get on with it. Plus, there are some great sanitary towel choices out there to make it a little simpler – for every type of underwear and every kind of flow. It’s all about picking the perfect pad for you.

Step 1

Choosing your pad

Everyone’s body is different, and your period might be heavier or lighter depending on:

  • Cycle

    The time in your cycle

    Your flow is heavier during the first few days of your period, but it trails off towards the end and you’ll need less period armour.

  • Clock

    The time of day

    Lots of girls wear thicker pads at night because they don’t want to get up every few hours to change (we need our beauty sleep, right?)

  • Tennis

    What’s normal for your body

    If you’re doing sports, your flow will probably be a bit heavier than usual, but if you’re just sitting in a chemistry lesson, it should be lighter.

Go with the flow and pick the absorbency that’s right for you. Bodyform pads have a drops rating system to help with this – the more drops, the more the pad can take .

There are three main things to consider when choosing the pad that's right for you :

  • Ultra vs Maxi

    Ultra vs Maxi

    Maxi towels are for the heavy-duty period-havers; ultra towels are thinner and have a slightly lower absorbency.

  • Normal vs Long

    Normal vs Long

    Long towels are great for those of us who wriggle a lot, catching all of the drips from front to back.

  • Wings vs Non-wings

    Wings vs Non-wings

    You can choose to go winged or wing-free, but some girls feel more secure with wings to stick the pad in place.

Step 2

Applying your pad

  • Unwrap


  • Peel


  • Apply


TIP: Make sure the pad is as central as possible, with plenty of material in front of and behind your vagina, so it can catch everything. There is a little heart on every pad that always goes at the front.

  • Fold

    If your pad has wings, fold them underneath your panties.

  • Bin

    Roll your old pad into the wrapper from the new one and dispose of it in a bin.

TIP:Change your pad every few hours, before it fills up. A good rule is about every four hours, but it will depend on your flow. You’ll get to know what’s right for you very quickly.

Need To Know

  • Spoons

    It might seem like you bleed a lot during your period, but it’s actually only three to five tablespoons.

  • Wear

    Wear what you like and pick a pad to fit – after all, you’re in charge here!

  • Backup pad

    Always keep a backup pad on you. Periods can be sneaky, so be prepared.

  • Wash hands

    You’re at a slightly higher risk of infection when you’re on your period, but it’s nothing to worry about. Just make sure you’re washing your hands – before and after.


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