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You think you know your body, right? Then you hit puberty, and it’s up in the air again. At school it becomes all about whose boobs are the biggest and who’s started their period first. Suddenly you start crying because you left your pen in Chemistry and that’s the other side of campus. Don’t worry, you’re not being taken over by emotional bleeding aliens. You’re just growing up. Embrace it, and you’ll get used to it quicker than you can say “I need a new bra”

Female Body Female Body


More oil on your skin can lead to spots on your face, back and chest.

  • Wash daily with with warm water and a face wash, especially if you’ve started wearing make-up.
  • If your skin is still really spotty, over-the-counter creams can help – don’t be afraid to ask!


You’ll start sweating more and it’ll be quite a bit smellier. Combat this by:

  • Using deodorant every day.
  • Wearing dark or white materials as sweat patches won’t show up so much.

TIP: Grey is the worst colour for sweat patches!


Your boobs will grow and may feel sore.

  • Get fitted – 64% of women wear the wrong size bra, so it’s important to get it right.
  • Go shopping! If your tops are too tight across the boobs, it’s a good excuse to buy some more.


You’ll find hair starts to grow in your armpits, around your vagina, on your legs and arms, and sometimes on your upper lip.

  • Some girls shave or wax
  • Some girls use cream
  • and some girls just let it grow!

The golden rule is just do what feels right for you.


Your hips will get wider. It’s really to make having babies easier, but for us it’s all about the curves.

  • Don’t hide yourself away in baggy clothes (unless that’s your style!).
  • Have fun and experiment with your new shape.


Your body’s telling you it’s ready to have babies. Once a month, when your eggs aren’t turned into babies, your womb sheds its lining, which looks like lots of blood (don’t worry – it’s only three tablespoons).

  • Work out what protection you need when your period starts.
  • Keep doing your favourite things by finding the right pad or tampon
  • Hormones mean mood swings, but it’s nothing us girls can’t handle!

Some steps on the way to your adult female body are exciting – and some are not so exciting. But all of the body changes you’ll experience are totally manageable – you got this!

What do you do with your leg and armpit hair?

How easy is it to find a bra that fits and looks nice?

  • Easy


    Easy – I walk into a high street shop and buy the first thing.

  • Medium


    It takes me a bit of searching – sometimes I order from specialist shops online.

  • Hard


    After four hours of searching I’m cursing the god of large boobs.

How do you combat your body odour?

  • 85%


  • 5%

    Flowing tops are nature’s antiperspirant.

  • 4%

    A dab of perfume.

  • 2%

    The lot!

  • 4%

    I like my own personal scent.

What sort of PMSer are you?

  • The irrational angry one.

  • The one with all the cravings.

  • The one who cries at everything.

  • The one with the munchies.

  • The "give me painkillers NOW" one.

  • The breeze-through
    "What’s PMS?" one.

  • The "WHY DO YOU
    ELUDE ME SLEEP?" one.

  • The "where have all these
    spots come from?" one.


Were you prepared for your first period?

  • Easy


    Nope – when it started I thought I was dying.

  • Medium


    I was quite prepared – my parents had a chat with me about it so I knew it would happen.

  • Hard


    So prepared – I’d been waiting for it for years.


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