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Vaginas - a guided tour

So, first things first: is it a vagina or a vulva? Technically, the vagina is the tube inside your body, but people often say it when they mean everything down there. Vulva, on the other hand, is the official name for all the outside bits. If you’re starting your period or having sex, it’s good to know a bit more about what’s actually going on here. Let’s take a look!

Map of a Vagina
  • Mons Pubis

    Mons Pubis

    This is sometimes called the pubic mound. It’s a layer of fat which is usually covered by hair after puberty. So when you’re bumping and grinding, here’s a soft cushion that helps make everything feel good.

  • Clitoral Hood

    Clitoral Hood

    This fold of skin protects the sensitive clitoris. If your clitoris is the star of the show, this is her bodyguard.

  • Urethral Opening

    Urethral Opening

    This looks like a little dot or slit below where the inner lips meet the clitoris. It’s where your pee comes out. It’s not involved in sex, but remembering to pee afterward can help prevent infections.

  • Labia Minora

    Labia Minora

    These are the ‘inner lips’. They’re hairless and sensitive. Like the outer lips, they look different on everyone – there’s no right or wrong way for them to be.

  • Anus


    This is a ring of muscle that pushes out poop. Sex here isn’t as common as people might make you think: fewer than one in ten people say they tried anal sex in the last year.

  • Labia Minora

    Labia Majora

    These are sometimes called ‘outer lips’. They’re also covered with hair and cushioned with fat. They come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Vaginal Opening

    Vaginal Opening1

    This is just below the urethral opening. Around it, you might see the hymen, or what remains of it. Don’t believe the hymen hype: it’s not that important and it can’t tell you whether someone’s a virgin. It’s just a thin fringe of tissue around the vaginal opening that usually gets torn during sex, masturbation or even exercise.

  • Clitoris


    This is supercharged with sensation – it has about 8,000 nerve endings in it, which can make it feel really good during sex. On the surface, it’s often small, but most of it is hidden within the body. It stretches down and around the vagina, surrounding it in a wishbone shape, and adding to the sensations during sex or masturbation.

Vagina Lookbook...

  • Pouting Privates

    Pouting Privates

    About half of women have inner lips which are bigger than the outer ones and stand out. Remember: standing out is never a bad thing.

  • Pouting Privates

    Hipster Hoo-ha

    One labia longer than the other? The asymmetric style is more popular than you think. This is a vagina with attitude.

  • Pouting Privates

    Mini Muff

    This vagina may look petite on the outside, but don’t underestimate it – it can expand to twice the size inside.

  • Brown Beaver

    Brown Beaver

    Whatever your skin tone elsewhere, the inner lips can be pink or brown.

  • Bushy Box

    Bushy Box

    From short to long, sparse to dense, coarse to fine, and curly to straight, natural-look hair comes in every kind of style.

  • Trim Quim

    Trim Quim

    Some women trim a bit of hair so that even small bikinis cover it all – or just because they like the look.

Did you ever have funny names for your vagina when you were a kid?

  • Yes 37%


  • No 62%


When did you discover your vagina and vulva were different?

  • 50%

    What? They're different things?

  • 46%

    I found out in sex education classes at school.

  • 32%

    I'm a curious explorer - I read about it online.

Have you ever worried that your vagina doesn’t look normal?

  • Yes 47%


  • No 53%



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