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      You asked:
    What does V-Zone mean?
      Gill Says:    

    V-Zone refers to the area of skin that begins under your belly button where your pubic hair growth starts, ending between your thighs (but not inside the vagina).

    A major part of your V-Zone is the vulva, or external genitals, which encompasses the protective folds of the labia majora, labia minora, clitoris and the vaginal opening. There are also sebaceous glands and pubic hair.

    We refer to V-Zone on the packaging of all Bodyform Daily Fresh Liners as they contain a unique ProSkin formula, which helps care for the intimate health of all of these areas.

    The ProSkin formula combines a PH balanced infusion that contains mild lactic acid with a back-sheet, which is breathable, like cotton underwear.

    The following products include reference to V-Zone on the packaging:
    • Bodyform Daily Fresh Normal Single Wrap Liners
    • Bodyform Daily Fresh Normal Liners Duo Pack
    • Bodyform Daily Fresh Multistyle Liners
    • Bodyform Daily Fresh Long Liners
    • Bodyform Daily Fresh Extra Long Liners
    • Bodyform Daily Fresh So Slim Deo-fresh Liners
    • Bodyform Daily Fresh So Slim Liners

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      You asked:

    Are transparent, milk-coloured discharges normal?

      Gill Says:    

    Yes, your discharges are completely normal.

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      You asked:

    Are brown discharges normal?

      Gill Says:    

    A brownish colour can often be due to a light bleed discolouring the discharges. It’s nothing to worry about. Discharges can also start to smell stronger when they’ve been in contact with the air for a while, that is, if you haven’t recently changed your underwear or pantyliner. If the discharges start to smell unpleasant or you have them in combination with itching, you should contact a doctor.

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      You asked:
    My discharges are yellow/green and smell bad. Might I have a yeast infection?
      Gill Says:    

    It’s impossible to say whether you have a yeast infection. But you should talk to a doctor if your discharges are as you describe. If you don’t like the idea of doing that, you can talk to the school nurse at your school first.

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