Extra Protection Liners Long

Bodyform Extra Protection Long Liners give you that little bit more length. With 30% more absorption*, they will provide you with the added security you need.

They’ll give you the peace of mind you’re looking for without compromising on thinness or comfort.

Pro Skin Formula

Bodyform Extra Protection Long Liners have Pro Skin Formula. The topsheet layer contains a mild lactic acid, known to maintain the pH balance of a woman’s intimate area.

They are also extra-breathable, to help you feel fresh and free.


Bodyform Extra Protection Long Liners have CurveFit technology, making them more flexible and absorbent.

They are shaped to fit snugly between your legs with a wider front so they stay in place.
super-heavy flow super-heavy flow
V-Flow meter
Every woman’s flow is unique. So use our V-flow indicator to find your ideal towel. The higher the level of red in the V, the more absorbent the towel.
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