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Long Extra Protection Liner

Long Extra Protection Liner morning It won't make you run faster, but it's great for everyday use and sports.
Long Extra Protection Liner
Product features
  •   Absorption


    Bodyform has a drop system on its packaging to clarify absorption capacity. This is to help you find the best product for your needs throughout the month. The 6 drops represent from light to very heavy absorption. Our towels have a highly absorbent core which captures the liquid and keeps it inside the towel. The body-balanced super-absorbent pearls help soak up any fluid quickly and keep it away from the body.

  • Secure fit

    Secure fit

    The SecureFit™ Technology makes a Bodyform product fit your body perfectly, because it has a front and back, just like you. The towel therefore follows your body movements so that you feel secure at all times no matter what you do.
  •   Odour Control

    Odour Control

    Odour can be caused by bacteria. Keep bacteria from growing and you reduce odours. Bodyform's SAP is a super-absorbent material that not only absorbs and traps large amounts of moisture, it also fights odour. By creating a low pH environment (acidic), SAP hampers bacterial growth and neutralises the risk of creating odour. Bodyform products reduce odour using nature’s own chemistry so that you can feel fresh and confident.
  •   Breathable back material

    Breathable back material

    The backside material on Body form towels consists of a thin plastic film with small breathable pores that mean there’s no build up of heat and humidity in this sensitive area, while also stopping any liquids penetrating beyond the towel. This is accomplished by mixing calcium carbonate with the plastic material. When the material is thinned out, pores are formed. These pores let your skin breathe. Bodyform liners with breathable back material maintain a woman’s natural balance.

Extra Long Protection Liner

New Bodyform Extra Protection liners give you the peace of mind you're looking for. With odour control and 30% more absorption*, Bodyform Extra Protection Liners provide additional security without compromising on thinness or comfort. *Against our regular Long liner.

  • A longer liner for more coverage and confidence.
  • Absorbent core and odour control.
  • Superior softness.
  • Wider front to stop sliding.
  • A light and pliable middle that stays snug. So flexible, it moves with you.
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