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Extra Protection Night Extra Long


Extra Protection


Bodyform Extra Protection Night Extra Long Towels are the ultimate multi-tasker for all of your night-time needs, with the closest curve-hugging fit for you and your underwear so you can wake up feeling fresh and without any surprises. They also offer even more length to give you extra confidence and protection against leaks of any kind while sleeping.Check out more info on how to manage night-time leaks here.

Extra Protection

For drops and flows of any shade – blood, spotting, discharge, pee or mystery flows… you name it.Our Extra Protection Night Extra Long Towels leave you fresh and clean, no matter what.They offer full absorbency, which means they deal with pee, not just discharge and spotting. Plus they are super-breathable and lock odour in – because it’s nobody’s business whether you’ve had a few drops.Our Night Extra Long Towel is the most absorbent product in our Extra Protection range, making it perfect to protect you as you sleep, even for up to 10 hours.

Pro Skin Formula

Bodyform Extra Protection Night Extra Long Towels have our Pro Skin Formula. The topsheet layer contains a mild lactic acid, known to maintain the pH balance of a woman’s intimate area.They are also extra-breathable, to help you feel fresh and free.


Bodyform Extra Protection Night Extra Long Towels have CurveFit technology, making them more flexible and absorbent.They are shaped to fit snugly between your legs with a wider front so they stay in place, even if you toss and turn.


Full absorbency

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