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When you first become aware of the need for intimate care as part of your female hygiene routine, the prospect of choosing the right wash, liner or wipe can be overwhelming.

But knowing which feminine hygiene products are beneficial for you needn’t be daunting.

You can simplify the whole process by thinking about your lifestyle and how that affects your specific needs when it comes to intimate care. Because how you spend your day, your grooming habits and certain life stages, all have an impact on your feminine hygiene routine.

If you are a teenager

Whether you’ve started your periods or not, you need to keep your V-zone scrupulously clean. As part of your daily hygiene routine use an intimate wash and, as irregular menstruation, spotting and discharge can be frequent and unpredictable in your teens, wear a Bodyform  liner every day to keep your V-zone fresh and comfortable.

If you are sporty

Post-sport cleanliness is really important. Use an intimate wash when you have your post-sport shower. If you’re in a rush, try using intimate wipes, which will cleanse and refresh your V-zone. A breathable liner, such as Bodyform DailyFresh with ProSkin Formula, will also keep you feeling clean and comfortable throughout the day.

If you travel frequently

When you spend long periods on the move and can’t shower as frequently as you’d like, you can stay fresh by using Bodyform DailyFresh liners. Just like cotton underwear, these liners are breathable, meaning they keep your V-zone clean and comfy. And try using intimate wipes after you’ve been to the bathroom. They’ll freshen you up, help you stay odour-free and maintain your V-zone’s delicate pH balance.

If you wax or shave your intimate area

Removing intimate hair regularly can cause skin to become sensitive, dry or even irritated. Look for products which will calm and moisturise the delicate skin of your V-zone when you shave in the shower. Don’t forget to use a scrub after depilation to exfoliate the area, and an aloe vera gel to moisturise. And you may want to use a Bodyform DailyFresh liner for everyday comfort.

If you are a new mum

After giving birth your intimate area is likely to be sore and inflamed. An intimate wash is great for soothing and calming skin. Bodyform liners, meanwhile, will protect your underwear from postnatal discharge and help keep the area clean and odour-free. Using intimate wipes will also freshen your V-zone after you’ve been to the bathroom.

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