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Are you thinking about switching from towels to tampons, but you’re not sure if they’re for you or not?

Then you’re in luck. We have all the answers you need to help you make an informed decision.

There are two types of tampons. One that you insert using your finger, and one that has an applicator to help you insert the tampon. Whichever one you choose, once you’re wearing the tampon, you can almost forget it’s there. There’s no visible sign of being on your period either, because the blood is absorbed before it leaves your body.

You might prefer tampons without an applicator if discretion is important for you. That’s because it’s so small, it’s easy to pop one in your pocket on your way to the bathroom. Plus, the pack is so small and compact. it hardly takes up any space in your bag.


Tampons are really practical to use if you’re active or into sports, because once you’re wearing one, it will stay in place, however much you move around. You may feel self-conscious wearing tight-fitting sportswear if you’re using a sanitary pad, but this isn’t a problem with tampons. They’re also great to use when you’re swimming, as you don’t have to worry that you might be leaking into your bathing suit.

Tampons aren’t for everyone, however. Some women find insertion tricky. And it isn’t advisable to use them overnight (unless you set your alarm), as wearing the same tampon for more than eight hours can lead to infection. It really is a very personal choice, so give them a try to see if this form of protection is right for you.

Bodyform tampons have a twist wrap that’s easy to remove and their rounded tip and slim design make them easy to insert. They’re also made with super absorbent fibres and wavy grooves to guide the blood inside the tampon and keep it there, meaning they’re very reliable when it comes to protecting your clothing from annoying leaks. And, once inserted, Bodyform tampons won’t shift, so you can get on with your day without worrying.

Bodyform Discreet range of tampons comes in three different sizes: mini, for very light flow, normal, for average flow and super, for extra heavy flow. It’s important to only ever use the tampon with the lowest absorbency required for your flow, or you could put yourself at risk of a very rare but dangerous condition called toxic shock syndrome [insert link].

Some tampons come with their own cardboard or plastic applicators, but Bodyform only produces non-applicator ones. This means less waste and packaging, which is kinder to the environment. It also means the packs take up much less space inside your bag. And, don’t worry, you will soon get the hang of using non-applicator tampons. Just remember to always wash your hands thoroughly before and after.

For more information about tampons, visit our FAQ page.

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