Bodyform’s Student Resource Hub

Want to learn more about periods and menstrual health? Well, look no further, we’ve got you covered with the Bodyform’s Student Resource Hub.

Your First Period

From cramps and mood swings to the different hygiene products available, find out everything you need to know about your first period. Plus, get essential advice on how to take menstruation in your stride.

Living with periods

We’ve rounded up all the info you could need on every aspect of your period cycle. So periods and everyday life can be compatible, whatever stage of your menstrual cycle you’re at.


All you need to know about the signs and stages of puberty in women. Plus, tips on how to cope with the difficult bits, so that your health and happiness isn’t impacted.

Period problems

Being aware of the causes of period problems means you’re well prepared for them when they arise. So whether it’s coping with cramps or leaks, or more serious issues that need a doctor’s help, you’ll find all the information here.

Sex & Relationships

Got a worry about pregnancy or a question about sex? Here you’ll find stacks of useful information and advice about sexuality, safe sex and pregnancy, sorting the myths from the facts.


Being able to spot pre-menopause symptoms means you’re better prepared for the changes your body’s going through. From pre-menopausal bleeding to hot flushes and breast tenderness, here’s how to tackle this tricky stage.

V-Zone care

A handy round-up of useful tips and info about intimate care and cleanliness. So you can be sure of staying fresh and feeling comfortable every day.


Pregnancy is a time of huge change, it can be overwhelming – but having the facts can help get you prepared! We cover all stages of this journey: from fertility issues, to being pregnant, to life postpartum.

Bodily Fluids: A Guide To What's in Your Knickers

From sexual fluids to period blood, our handy infographic dives headfirst into four key female bodily fluids and their various colours and warning signs here.