Plus sized woman with a womb embroidered on her underwear lifting her t-shirt up, proudly showing off stretch marks. Text overlay: Welcome to our world. Women should live the life they want without fear or shame. Period.
Plus sized woman with a womb embroidered on her underwear lifting her t-shirt up, proudly showing off stretch marks.
Welcome to our world

Women+ should live the life they want without fear or shame. Period.

Project V

Our global change-driving initiative improving the intimate wellbeing of women+ and the world they live in

Read the findings of our 'Bloody Bedtime Routines' survey

How do people's night-time routines shift while on their period?

Breaking free from V-Zone taboos

We aren’t born ashamed of our bodies. We learn to be. It’s time to end stigma.

Our eco promise

Bodyform supports the wellbeing of women - and the world we live in. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by 30% by 2030.

Periods are normal, showing them should be too`

Our #bloodnormal campaign aims to call time on period taboos. We’ve conducted an online survey of among 10,017 men and women and found that 74%* of them want to see more realistic representation of periods in advertisements.

Candice Brathwaite – my womb story

To continue our taboo-breaking work through sharing stories and experiences, we spoke to author, presenter and influencer Candice Brathwaite about her own womb story.

Colour your vulva

Just how well do you know your vulva? Get to know it a little more intimately with the help of our vulva colouring in sheets!

Period Emojis: breaking down period taboos

These six period-themed emoji have been created so that women and girls can talk specifically about menstruation. The Femojis cover the entire menstrual experience, from pads to spotted pants and cramps.

Talking to your daughter about periods – is it time for a rethink?

Finding ways to talk about it in an open and confident manner will make all the difference to her experience of menstruation. But how can you introduce the subject and get over the awkwardness that surrounds a young girl’s first period?

A fashion bursary like no other

We’re turning the phrase ‘Designer Vagina’ on its head. In September 2019, we launched a bursary for students to design garments that represent vulvas in beautiful and positive ways. Because we all need to get to know our vulvas. And love them. Just the way they are.

The science behind exercising better on your period

There’s a lot of information out there about exercise and periods, including a fair share of menstrual myths.

Blood, sweat, discharge or a little pee – let’s talk about it all

Even though most of these fluids are a sign of a healthy V-Zone*, and most women will experience some or all of them in her lifetime, we’re all keeping it hidden. It’s our embarrassing little secret. We’ve decided that we don’t want to keep secrets anymore. So we’re shining a light on intimate fluids in all their messy unpredictable glory.

Fear Going to School Less report

Bodyform carried out research with YouGov UK which showed that more than 150,000 girls admitted to missing school due to period shaming and fear of embarrassment

Fold your own origami vulva

This is a little introduction to the vulva. Because 73% of women don’t know what a vulva is.

Why are we so divided on period sex?

According to the results of our period sex survey , half of adults would ‘never’ have period sex.

Full Period Sex Survey Results

Bodyform ran a survey to find out what were the UK's thought on the matter of intimate relationships during periods.

Lauren Mahon – my womb story

Bodyform is campaigning to stop the silence around women’s health and intimate issues. Our #wombstories need to be heard.

Q&A with Miles, a transgender teenager from Cornwall

Miles is an 18-year-old from Cornwall who is currently transitioning from female to male.

What is period poverty?

Period poverty is the reason why 1 in 10 girls in the UK can’t afford to buy menstrual products. This is what we’re doing about it.

Our pledge to tackle period poverty in the UK

Bodyform donates 100,000 towels every month, helping women+ unable to purchase products for themselves or their families.

Shop Responsibly

Due to Coronavirus, we all have a collective responsibility to Shop Responsibly. So think of others, be thankful, and be aware of those around you.

Stay at home with Bodyform

Staying positive during the Coronavirus outbreak can be difficult, and that’s ok. Here at Bodyform, we’ve put together some activities to help.

How we are protecting Mother Earth

Your V-Zone. Your planet. We care for both. So we’re always looking for environmentally sound solutions.

Short films that give periods more screen time

Our #BloodNormal campaign tackled this issue head on with a film that sought to rid periods of the stigma that still surrounds them.

Uncovering the unknown on women’s bodies

The silence around women’s health and intimate experiences is astounding. Uncover the unknown on women’s bodies with the results of our Bodyform survey.

What are period trackers and should you use them?

Ever wondered whether your period is starting, or if it’s just discharge? Though periods usually arrive once a month, predicting the exact date, flow and the accompanying symptoms can be tricky sometimes.

What we’re about

We’ve changed our look, but Bodyform is still breaking taboos to support women through pleasure and pain, from light flows to heavy, first period to last.

Word Search Puzzle

How quickly can you find the vagina? How about the vulva? Stop searching for something to do, and download our Bodyform Word Search puzzle instead!

Live Fearless

Regardless of where you’re at in your menstrual cycle, a little preparation and forward planning, means you can live fearless and be ready for anything.