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Vulva shame is responsible for too many missed cervical smear tests. This needs to change.

The only perfect vulva is yours, and it needs regular check ups

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This is your nurse’s schedule for today, and that’s just before lunch.

That’s about 2,400 every year. [1]

Do you really think you’re going to surprise her with yours?

Good luck with that.

Of course you’re unique, as is your vulva.

But guess what: So are the other 2,399.

And no one is judging.

Unless you don’t show up.

1 in 3 young women miss their cervical smear test out of embarrassment. [2]

Missing the chance to prevent cancer. Don’t die of shame.

Book your screening.


The NHS advises women over 25 to have one every 3 years, and women over 50 to have one every 5 years.

For more information about how to book your cervical screening, visit the NHS page.


We believe that the only imperfect vulva is the one that’s ignored, censored and unloved.

Unlike for boys, it’s not easy for girls and women to get to intimately know their vulva and vagina, because it’s so difficult to see it properly.

As a result, that part of our body can almost be like a room in the house that we never visit.

That’s why mirrors come handy, and there’s no shame to be had! 

The more we know and love ourselves, the better we can care for ourselves.

That doesn’t mean we don’t need to get our cervical screening regularly – as the symptoms would be hard to detect ourselves. [3]

But getting familiar with this essential part of our bodies means being more at home with ourselves.

Viva la vulva.

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[1] Gynecologist interview 2019.

[2] NHS 2018.


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