Maxi goodnight period pad with blood being poured on it
Maxi goodnight period pad with blood being poured on it

Bodyform is proud to empower and represent women+ across the UK

No blood should hold us back.

300 million women+ are on their period at any given time, but 7 in 10 say they avoid being active when on their period. Through our partnership with Studio You x This Girl Can , we are here to change that. No blood should hold us back.

We're uncensoring the language around women+’s bodies

To mark 40 years of Bodyform, we’re uncensoring ‘40 Words You Can't Say’ every day for 40 days, using real people’s stories, artwork and experiences, to open up conversations we need to have.

Join Our Quest for Sleep #periodsomnia

Every night millions and millions of us experience periodsomnia.


The more we share our #painstories, the more we dismantle the shame and silence that stops us getting the help we deserve. As part of Project V, we’re taking steps to lift the lid on women’s experiences of pain, to close the gender pain gap one story at a time.

#Wombstories survey – share your story

While our film and research study showed a handful of #wombstories we know there are so many more. Which is why we would love you to share yours with us by filling in our #wombstories survey.

Why our #wombstories need to be heard

Our wombstories need to be heard. We’re listening. Share your story and post on social using #wombstories.

Viva la Vulva

Vulva shame is responsible for too many missed cervical smear tests. This needs to change.