We're uncensoring the language around women+’s bodies

Vagina. Clitoris. Vulva. Discharge.  
Just some of the words you can’t say on social media without getting censored.
Menstrual health shouldn’t be censored. It makes important subjects, that are already taboo, almost impossible to talk about. It’s affecting our lives and even our health.
So, to mark 40 years of Bodyform, we’re uncensoring ‘40 Words You Can't Say’ every day for 40 days, using real people’s stories, artwork and experiences, to open up conversations we need to have. Let’s talk about it.

The nation has spoken

We asked people in the UK – both those who have periods and those who don’t - to tell us which words they don't feel comfortable talking about. We also got their reactions to the surprising terms that are censored or shadowbanned on social media. Here’s what they said.
Don’t know what shadowbanning is or that it regularly happens on social media
2 in 5
Believe the media in censors medical language (ie, labia, clitoris, vulva etc)
Don’t know the word Vagina has been one of the most flagged/banned terms on Facebook
Didn’t know that sharing an educational image of a Vulva could get you banned on Instagram
1 in 5
Self-censor on social media for fear of disapproval
Are self-censoring on Facebook

Here are the ’40 Words You Can’t Say’ and the details of where, how and why they are censored. Check out our social media channels to see the true stories behind them.

Check out the campaign on our social channels: FacebookInstagram,Tik Tok and Twitter

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