As a brand, we offer products for anyone who needs them, regardless of how they might identify.

We know that not everyone who menstruates is a woman and not all women menstruate. Therefore, we realise that ‘women’ is no longer the right term to accurately reflect the broad spectrum of people who use our products.

Inclusive and empathetic language is so important in helping create a world free from shame and stigma. So, that’s why we’ve made the decision to use the term ‘women+’ from now on.

By adopting the term ‘women+’, we are striving to include anyone and everyone who uses our products. It doesn’t detract from those who already identified with the term ‘women’, but the addition of the ‘+’ sign is intended to capture the full range of people who use our products beyond just self identifying women.

There will be some instances where we do use the term ‘women’. For example, if we’re referencing research that only included cis women, or did not distinguish on the basis of gender identity.