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There can be nothing more frustrating than waiting for your period to come. Predicting just when you’ll be reaching for an ultra towel, some paracetamol and your favourite period-appropriate underwear can be tricky.

Whether you’re waiting for your first-ever period, or are a seasoned pro wondering when you’ll start, there are some tell-tale signs to look out for that indicate time’s nearly up on waiting for your time of the month to arrive.

When will I start my period?

When it comes to having your first period, every person is different. Most people start between the ages of 11 and 14, however it’s not unheard of to start as young as 8, or as old as 16. One way to get a loose estimate is to ask your mum or a close female relative when they had their first period. They’ll be able to give you some help and guidance, and also answer any questions you might have. 

While it’s impossible to predict exactly when it will happen, there are some signs your body may be nearly ready to start… 

Starting your period is just one aspect of going through puberty. Other indicators like your breasts starting to develop, hair growing in places it didn’t before (like under your arms or around your vulva), and getting vaginal discharge are all signs that your period might be about to make an appearance!

How do I prepare for my first period?

There is no way to make your first period come any quicker, but you can prepare for when it does! If you’ve experienced some of the above signs, your period may soon start, so you may want to keep some towels in your school bag and a spare pair of knickers close just in case, our range of period pants for teens are a great option. It is absolutely normal to be caught off guard and leak, whether it’s your first period or your hundredth! There’s no need to be embarrassed as it happens to us all!

When is my period due?

Before your period starts, the hormone levels in your body fluctuate causing physical and emotional changes. This is known as PMS. You might notice certain physical indicators like feeling bloated, your skin breaking out, your hair appearing greasy or your boobs feeling tender to touch. Some women see a difference in their emotions, such as experiencing intense mood swings or feeling irritable which indicates that their period may be round the corner. 

It can be useful to write down your pre-menstrual symptoms so you can recognise your body’s signs and spot patterns throughout the different stages of your menstrual cycle. You can use our period tracker to better predict when your period is due.

Although the signs your period is coming can tell you a lot, it is far from an exact science! There is no definite way to work out when you will start your period, and worrying about it won’t make it come any quicker! Chill out, do something to take your mind off it, and make sure you’re stocked up on sanitary items just in case.

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