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We often ask the question – “why do periods hurt?”. Here, we will talk about the causes and symptoms so you’re completely up clued up on period pain.

Period Pain Causes

Most women – studies suggest up to 80% [1] – experience pain or discomfort before and during their periods, and this is mainly caused by the uterus (womb) contracting in order to shed the uterine lining. Further chemicals are also being made in your body which leave your womb muscles contracting even more – which we’re afraid to say is an extra layer of pain.

What adds to this are the blood vessels surrounding your womb are put under pressure leading to the blood and oxygen supply being interrupted. With no oxygen in your womb, chemicals are produced that result in pain.

Period Pain Symptoms

It’s most common to get this pain, which feels a bit like cramping, just before a period, typically lasting a day or two. When you start having pain as a teenager is often when it will be at its worst before easing as you become older. It will usually occur in your:

• Pelvis

• Back

• Thighs

• Stomach

Period pain

The severity of these period cramps differs from one woman to another. They can vary from a mild ache to a more severe pain. This could also translate into the following symptoms though:

• Vomiting

• Dizziness

• Headaches

• Loose stools

• Tiredness

• Bloating

Although cramps are a natural part of having your period, there are ways in which you can ease the pain as much as possible.


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