String Liners

Bodyform String Daily Fresh Liners are designed to fit your string underwear and give you a perfect fit.

They are ultra-thin, soft and comfortable, yet hardly noticeable.

Pro Skin Formula

Bodyform String Daily Fresh Liners have Pro Skin Formula. The topsheet layer contains a mild lactic acid, known to maintain the pH balance of a woman’s intimate area.

They are also extra-breathable, to help you feel fresh and free.


Bodyform String Daily Fresh Liners have CurveFit technology, making them more flexible and absorbent.

They are shaped to fit snugly between your legs with a wider front so they stay in place.
light flow light flow
V-Flow meter
Every woman’s flow is unique. So use our V-flow indicator to find your ideal towel. The higher the level of red in the V, the more absorbent the towel.
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