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Extra Protection

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Bodyform Extra Protection Long Liners are the ultimate multi-tasker for all of your needs, with the closest curve-hugging fit for you and your underwear. They also offer a little extra length and an absorbent core to give you extra confidence as you go about your day.

Extra Protection

For drops and flows of any shade – blood, spotting, discharge, pee or mystery flows… you name it. Our Extra Protection Long Liners leave you fresh and clean, no matter what. They absorb 30% more*, which means they deal with pee, not just discharge and spotting. Plus they are super-breathable and lock odour in – because it’s nobody’s business whether you’ve had a few drops.

Pro Skin Formula

Bodyform Extra Protection Long Liners have our Pro Skin Formula. The topsheet layer contains a mild lactic acid, known to maintain the pH balance of a woman’s intimate area. They are also extra-breathable, to help you feel fresh and free.


Bodyform Extra Protection Long Liners have CurveFit technology, making them more flexible and absorbent. They are shaped to fit snugly between your legs with a wider front so they stay in place.

* +30% more absorbent than a “regular” Bodyform liner

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