Taking care of all intimate fluids

Drum roll please…

Introducing the ultimate multitasking liner that can deal with everything from spotting to discharge and pee, plus everything in-between! You can’t control or predict what is going to happen throughout your day, but you can be prepared for anything with Bodyform All Fluid Protection Daily Liners.

There’s no need to worry about discharge or leaks stains while coughing, sneezing, laughing or being forced to do 20 star jumps at your weekly exercise class. Everything is taken care of with odour neutralisation that makes sure no one knows if you’ve had a few drops. So you can jump for joy, safe in the knowledge that your liner has got you covered.

Be ready for anything as All Fluid Protection Daily Liners are super-breathable as well as 30% more absorbent*, meaning they’re perfect if you want to feel completely secure. Bodyform All Fluid ProtectionDaily Liners have the best total capacity and the fastest absorption time of any liner out there, so you’ll be feeling dry, fresh and clean in no time.

Don’t let anything stop you from feeling confident as you go about your day. Let All Fluid Protection Daily Liners do their thing, while you continue to live fearlessly.

Have you ever looked for an all-purpose liner that is always there to support you? Learn about the incredible features of our All Fluid Protection Daily Liners below.

30% more absorbent

Absorbing micropearls deal with urine too, not just discharge and spotting. All Fluid Protection daily liners take multi-tasking to the next level.

Odour neutralisation

With odour lock because it’s nobody’s business whether you’ve had a few drops.

For all intimate fluids

From spotting to discharge to pee and any drop in-between. This has got it covered.


The closest, curve-hugging fit for you and your underwear. You won’t even notice you’re wearing it!

Our All Fluid Protection Products

* +30% more absorbent than a “regular” Bodyform liner

If you do experience bladder weakness, do not hesitate to speak to a health care professional for the best advice.