Pink vulva origami against brown background

Fold your own origami vulva

This is a little introduction to the vulva. Because 73% of women don’t know what a vulva is.

If you’re wondering, it’s the external, visible bit. It’s the bit commonly mistaken for a vagina. In this case, ignorance is not bliss.

We need to get to know our vulvas. And love them. Just the way they are. Big. Small. Thick. Thin. Loose. Tight. Hairy. Shaved. Wrinkly. They’re all wonderfully different.

So get to know your vulva, love it, and if you want to, make it from folded paper…

Practise, fold your own and get creative. If you share your origami vulva on social channels, make sure to use #poweroftheV. You might even help others to understand what the vulva is and what it looks like!

Show your own vulva (and V-Zone) some love, with our tips on personal hygiene, periods and how to feel good ! While if you’re comparing yourself to ‘ideal’ standards or feeling self-conscious, our guide on body image and objectifying is for you.

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