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Absorbent Liners

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Bodyform Daily Fresh liners are specially designed to care for your sensitive V-Zone skin, not just your underwear. Each liner is breathable, like cotton underwear, and infused with ProSkin formula to keep your skin pH balanced. Our unique CurveFit shape, with a front and back, contours your body perfectly, and follow your movements for all day comfort.

Light Liners

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Bodyform Daily Fresh Liners offer you daily protection to keep you dry and fresh. Soft, comfortable and ultra-thin for the ultimate discretion.


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Bodyform's Pure Sensitive™ range is made from skin-friendly materials specifically designed for your sensitive intimate skin.
It contains 0% common allergens*, 0% fragrances and 0% dyes to help minimise the risk of skin irritation and endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance.
Period care products

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Period care products