Stay at home with Bodyform

It’s been said that we are living in unprecedented times.

The world looks a lot different to what we’re used to. Non-essential shops and schools are shut, many of us are working from home and sitting in a restaurant feels like a distant memory. The people we want to be close to are the ones we have to stay away from.

It’s the little things that bring joy – the way the sun shines in the evening as you go on your daily walk, singing silly songs while washing your hands, hand-drawn rainbows stuck to windows and laughing with friends and loved ones over video chat.

Staying positive during the Coronavirus outbreak can be difficult, and that’s ok. Here at Bodyform, we’ve put together some activities to help – and they can all be done from the comfort of your home.

Stay at Home Activities

Colour a Vulva

Get out your colouring pencils and decorate a vulva! If you’re up to the challenge, test your knowledge by labelling the parts.

Fold your own Origami Vulva

Get to know your vulva by making it from folded paper! These instructions will show you how easy it is to make your own origami vulva.

Download this Word Search Puzzle

If you’re searching for something to do, look no further than our downloadable Bodyform Word Search puzzle. See how quickly you can find terms like vagina, vulva, periods and more!

Shop Responsibly

Now, more than ever before we have a collective responsibility to Shop Responsibly. Read through our guidance and remember to think of others, be thankful and stay aware of those around you.

As always, we love to see your stay at home efforts on social media. Don’t forget to use #poweroftheV.

Stay safe, stay at home, and stay fearless.